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Aug 24, 2021

In this podcast Alison is delighted to be joined by Mark Millar, the Presenter of Channel 5’s new primetime series DREAM KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS WITH MARK MILLAR.  

Mark is also one of the most popular and recognised faces on BBC1’s DIY SOS. He has been project managing the extraordinary builds since 2006, and his cheeky antics coupled with incredible building skills have made him a favourite with the audience.

Mark is often invited to appear on radio shows as a DIY expert and has appeared on Children in Need many times. 


In this most interesting of interviews, Mark shares his passion for the industry and insights into how owners of small construction firms can begin to engage new talent. A very topical subject right now in the UK!


Mark is clearly hugely enthusiastic about the construction industry and has a great sense of humor! Don’t miss this one!

Instagram @mark63millar