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May 10, 2022

In this podcast show Alison is joined by Lorraine Bridges, Founder and Director of Bare PR. As one of only 200 Chartered PR professionals in the UK, Lorraine is extremely well qualified to share advice to owners of trade businesses who really care about their reputation.

Lorraine shares her good, bad and ugly experiences using the services of trades and valuable tips on how to ensure you are providing a service that stands out to your customers. And guess what? Often they don’t cost anything!

Sadly, we know that it is all too easy to let things slip and in the process gain a less than satisfactory reputation. Often this isn’t down to not caring, but is a sign of not planning for growth and being overwhelmed.

Don’t be ones of those trades who start out with the best of intentions, but end up providing a poor service. Invest in yourself, your business and take advice…….and there is no better time than here by listening to this interview.