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Apr 26, 2022

In this podcast Alison shares her thoughts and experience on how to crack the issue of finding and hiring great people in a small construction or trade business.

In a previous life Alison headed up resourcing for one of the UK and Ireland’s global chain of coffee shops, so she knew all about getting the process right within this field. Taking this best practice into the world of construction and trades, she found that it didn’t always go to plan, and in this industry it is even more of a challenge.

In this podcast she shares what she has learnt by tweaking the process to fit the industry, as well as what she has seen first-hand that works with both clients and for leaders in the industry.

Given that recruitment is such a challenge right now, as a result of the perfect storm of Brexit, COVID and a 32% increase in demand for home improvements, this is a timely podcast to listen to.