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Apr 12, 2022

In this podcast Alison welcomes Jordan Farley, Founder of Artisan Electrics on to the show. With 125,000 YouTube followers and 23k on Instagram, what started as a casual interest, ended up solving two of the biggest challenges trades face – attracting the ideal customer and the ideal employee.

Jordan took over the family electrical business from his Dad before selling it to go travelling and volunteering. Returning to the UK to start a new electrical business, in 2016 he posted his first video on YouTube to help his customers solve a common challenge, and it went viral.

Today he has 2 businesses, one the electrical and the other social media. He is one of the few trades that I have spoken to who appears to have cracked the recruitment challenge due to his social media following. We talk about this aspect amongst other things, with Jordan sharing some complete gems of advice for trades!